Doctoral Graduate Wins 2023 Fudan Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award


Recently, Fudan University announced the recipients of Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards for the year 2023. Dr. Gao Pengyu, from class 2022 under the supervision of Professor Gu Zheng, was honored with this distinction. The selection process, initiated by Fudan Graduate School in September 2023, underwent several rounds of evaluation, ultimately shortlisting 20 outstanding doctoral dissertations, including 4 in the humanities and social sciences category.


(Dr. Gao Pengyu)

Mr. Gao Pengyu began his doctoral studies at the J-school in September 2018 under the mentorship of Professor GU Zheng, specializing in communication. Throughout his PhD journey at Fudan, He earned multiple scholarships. Titled on  Multi-images of the Modern World: Zhang Guangyu’s Formative Art and Trans-media Communication Practices (1918-1960), his dissertation comprises nearly 435,000 words. The research meticulously reconstructs the life of the prominent Chinese artist Zhang Guangyu and comprehensively examines his historical contributions through the analysis of his works, supported by historical materials and theoretical interpretations. Gao Pengyu’s study draws conclusions rooted in local experiences that resonate with China's historical context and cultural characteristics, offering valuable insights for contemporary visual communication, artistic production and design practice in China. 

(Prof. Gu Zheng)

Professor Gu Zheng, who supervised Gao Pengyu’s doctoral research, has a track record of mentoring several outstanding graduate theses and doctoral dissertations, many of which have received recognition at both municipal and university levels. Notably, CHEN Yang’s graduate thesis in 2010 was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Thesis of Fudan University. Additionally, Yao Yao's graduate thesis in 2015, CHEN Yang's doctoral dissertation, and HU Yue's graduate thesis in 2016 received the Shanghai Municipal Level Outstanding Achievement Award.