The doctoral degree program at the School of Journalism adheres to Fudan University's century-old academic tradition of "academic independence and freedom of thought". Under the guidance of 36 doctoral supervisors and other leading talents, the program explores the media industry's development, including new features of China's media development in the context of globalization and new media development, while also continuously promoting basic theoretical innovation. The doctoral programs cultivate leading innovative professionals independently engaged in teaching, scientific research, and management in the fields of journalism, communication and related areas. In 2000, the doctoral program in journalism and communication became one of the first doctoral programs in China. The program recruits approximately 35 doctoral students every year (please refer to the updated admission prospectus published by the Fudan International Students Office). Since the school's establishment of its doctoral program in 1984, many of our alumni have gone on to become key participants in China's journalism and communications research and teaching, and have contributed to the development of China's journalism and communication industry. Some graduates have also begun to enter careers in areas such as senior management, consulting and research and development in recent years.  

Admission programs:



TV and Broadcasting,

Advertising and Public Relations, 

Media Management, 

New Media Research

Program Duration: Four Years

Language of Instruction: Chinese (Mandarin)