Journalism Research was founded in Shanghai in May 1981. It is a journalism academic journal headed by the Ministry of Education, sponsored by Fudan University, and edited by the Fudan University School of Journalism. Journalism Research adheres to the tenets of integration of news dissemination, combination of theory and practice, and equal emphasis on scientific research and education, and highlights the university's direction, showcasing its achievements by bringing it closer to the people with its publication. Its main audience is journalism teachers and students, journalism researchers, journalists who are interested in theoretical exploration, and the vast number of journalists. Categories include news theory, communication, news business, news history, radio and television, media management, new media research, news education, and so on. The anonymous expert evaluation system has been implemented for the hired manuscripts since 1999. It was officially changed to a monthly magazine in 2019. Journalism Research is the first source periodical of China humanities and social sciences papers and citation database and has been rated as the core periodical of domestic news communication for many years. It was selected as the source periodical of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI), the core periodical of China Humanities and Social Sciences Journal AMI Comprehensive Evaluation (A), the core source periodical of NPC copy materials, the core periodical of Peking University Chinese, and the core academic periodical of RCCSE China (A). Journals have always regarded academic level as the criterion for judging manuscripts and always adhered to the anonymous peer review system, which ensured the publication quality and maintained a great influence in the field of journalism and communication, and were listed as authoritative journals of journalism and communication papers by many colleges and universities.


Zhang Taofu, Dean of School of Journalism, Fudan University, and Changjiang Scholar distinguished professor.

Associate Editor:

Zhu Chunyang, Vice President of China Media Economics and Management Society, young Changjiang scholar.

Overseas editor:

Chen Taowen, Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Changjiang distinguished professor. 

Zhu JianHua, Professor of City University of Hong Kong, a distinguished professor of Yangtze River. 

Hong Junhao, tenured professor at New York State University.


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