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The School of Journalism aims to cultivate talent by tailoring programs and curricula for postgraduate and doctoral students, integrating and leveraging Fudan University's multi-disciplinary advantages, and realizing interdisciplinary integration. It also aims to maintain a high degree of interaction with industry, make breakthroughs in traditional teaching modes, strengthen practice and case studies, adopt new media interaction technology, and consistently innovate in how it cultivates new talent. The School of Journalism and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) co-built and operate the Fudan University-SMG practice lab for postgraduates majoring in journalism and communication. It has also established cooperative relationships with The Paper, Netease, Tencent and other media organizations. In each of those, the two sides have integrated their strengths in journalism and communication, to cultivate top journalism and communication talents with strong news ideals, international vision, mastery of Chinese context and, in-depth news analysis ability and expertise.

1. Chinese-Instruction Programs:

   Journalism and Communication Studies (Academic Master),

     - Program Duration: Three years

     - Tracks: Journalism, communication, media management, advertising, TV and broadcasting;

   Journalism and Communication (Professional Master),

     - Program Duration: Two years

     - Tracks: Journalism and communication, strategic communication.

2. English-Instruction Programs:

   Communication (Fudan-LSE dual degree in Global Media and Communications)

   Communication (Fudan-Sciences Po dual degree in communication, media and creative industries).

     - Program Duration:

       - Year 1 at London School of Economics and Political Science, or Sciences Po

       - Year 2 at Fudan School of Journalism.