The School of Journalism at Fudan University has consistently prioritized international exchange and cooperation, striving to nurture top-notch innovative talents with a global perspective. The School has established numerous student and academic exchange programs, along with collaborative research partnerships, with nearly 40 top universities and research institutions in various countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. It also has double-degree programs with world-leading media and communication institutions such as the University of Missouri in the United States, the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom, Sciences Po in France, the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney in Australia, and Waseda University in Japan. The School also offers the Silk Road China Government Scholarship to international students from belt and road countries. The school regularly hosts international conferences and forums such as the International Forum of U8, Global Dean's Forum on Journalism, and Communication. The school also organizes public lectures regularly, among which Emerging Media Research Frontier Lecture Series, and China and World Global Lecture Series are the most famous brands. Speakers include leading scholars and researchers from the US, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and so on. Faculty and student exchange are regarded as one of the highlights of international exchange. 70% of our students can exchange at our overseas partner universities for a semester, year-long exchange, or short-term exchange as well.


Below are the joint Dual-degree Programs and student Exchange Programs at the school level:


Dual-degree Programs:

Fudan - LSE Dual-degree in Global Media and Communications

Fudan - Sciences Po Dual-degree in Communication, Media and Creative Industries

Fudan - Missouri Dual-degree in Journalism and Communication

Fudan - Melbourne Dual-degree in Global Culture Communication

Fudan - Waseda Dual-degree in Communication


Student Exchange Programs:

Fudan - LMU Student Exchange Program

Fudan - Aarhus - Danish School of Media and Journalism Student Exchange Program

Fudan - Salzburg Student Exchange Program


Short-term Exchange Programs:

Fudan - Melbourne Student Exchange Program

Fudan - Sydney Student Exchange Program

Fudan - City, University of London Student Exchange Program

Fudan - Cologne School of Journalism Student Exchange Program