Dual Degree Program Holds Annual Alumni Event


On December 15th, as the end of the year approached, nearly 30 teachers, students, and alumni from the dual-degree program at the School of Journalism at Fudan University gathered in Shanghai for an annual reunion to share memories of their student days. 

This event was not only a festive occasion for alumni, faculty, and students but also a major gathering that transcended time, as alumni from over the years shared their experiences and insights. After graduating from Fudan University, all have not only gone on to exciting careers but have also moved to the next stage in terms of life, work, and family. Reuniting with faculty and classmates they hadn't seen for years, people updated each other on their latest life trajectories. The conversations were full of laughter and emotion as students remembered the precious time they spent together in the dual-degree program at Fudan University. Their experiences, including dyas and nights of hard work, have become cherished memories for all.

For current students, the gathering provided an opportunity to learn from their predecessors, easing the pressures of finals season. They could seek advice from alumni about academic studies, internships, and career opportunities, helping to better prepare themselves for upcoming careers and other life decisions. The dual-degree program is intense and fulfilling, with each individual striving for success. Through such reunion, current students also realize they have companions and mentors by their side, helping and supporting each other as they embark on new life journeys.

This event not only strengthened the bond between faculty, students, and dual degree program alumni at Fudan Journalism School but also provided a platform for students to learn about the industry and plan their future paths. The dual-degree program at the School of Journalism is committed to cultivating international journalism and communication talents, with graduates assuming pivotal roles in the world’s leading news media and communication enterprises.

As the event came to an end, everyone reluctantly said goodbye and looked forward to the next gathering. The annual gathering of the dual-degree program at the School of Journalism was not only a long-awaited reunion but also a place to pass on experiences and build a shared future.


Past Student - Mr. Che Rui from Class of 2016:

Our program has always been an extraordinarily special, unique, and unforgettable experience. I have studied at top communication institutions in both the East and the West, and it was during my time in the UK that I met my wife. The program has had a profound impact on my career plans and life experiences.

The two years were short yet fulfilling, with one focus on academics and the other on employment. Additionally, the experience of living in two different cities has been a test as well as a precious experience for all of us. Relax your mind to experience and embrace this journey, as the rewards it brings are far greater than you can imagine.

Current Student - Miss Gu Lujie

Perhaps, this is not a stroll in the park, nor a project where you can just kick back and relax. Yet, it is undoubtedly an experience worth undertaking, a journey that can guide you to the path you truly desire. Two years, two cities, two countries, countless dear friends and classmatesI can't think of any reason to turn down such an opportunity.