2023 International Student Events at SoJ



In 2023, 391 international students from all over the world were studying in the School of Journalism, including 252 undergraduates, 134 masters, 2 doctoral, and 3 exchange students. Over the years, a wide variety of extracurricular activities for international students has been a major feature of our international student programs. We have found that cultural exploration, urban cultural experience, media visits, and other activities, provide international students with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture,  customs, and society and that such extracurricular activities enhance their knowledge about the school, university, and city where they study and live. Extracurricular activities also often become some of the most cherished memories for international students of their study and life in China, enhancing their friendships and providing opportunities for more meaningful communication between international students of different nationalities. Highlights of the extracurricular activities of international students in our school in 2023, included not only their welcoming party at the beginning of enrollment but also cultural trips to explore ancient water towns and visit media enterprises. The following is a recap of some of the extracurricular activities for international students in 2023:


Visit to Zhujiajiao Water Town


On April 7, more than 40 international students from the School of Journalism went to the Shanghai suburb of Qingpu to visit Zhujiajiao, a water town where they saw art exhibitions, ate local food, and took a trip on a hand-cranked boat to experience local customs and learn more about traditional Chinese culture. Zhujiajiao, commonly known as Jiaoli, is one of four famous historical and cultural towns in Shanghai. Students visited the town's Quanhua Watercolor Art Museum to see an exhibition of  Shanghai Watercolor Sketches. The exhibition hall's rich paintings provided students from across the world with renditions of Shanghai's colorful features, rural scenes, and cultural scenery. Known as the "first street in Shanghai during the Ming and Qing Dynasties", the town's North Street was lined with shops featuring exquisite local handicrafts and food. Students could partake in everything from admiring the views to eating, shopping, chatting, and enjoying some of the unique charm of Shanghai culture.


International Orientation

On September 26th, the school hosted a welcoming party for freshmen of the Class of 2023 at the Tu Haiming's Library. Ms. Feng Shanshan, from the International Exchange Office of the School of Journalism, gave a speech, warmly welcoming all the freshmen and introducing her job responsibilities. She also made suggestions for the freshmen to adapt to their new environment and encouraged them to keep a positive attitude while integrating with their surroundings by participating in activities, exchanging ideas, and making new friends. Current students from Korea and Malaysia shared their academic journeys, including their life at Fudan, and provided suggestions on studying and living in China. Finally, the speakers encouraged everyone to chase their dreams and find their own way of life at Fudan.

Visit to Shanghai Media Group(SMG)


On the afternoon of September 26th, international students from all years at the School of Journalism, led by Ms Feng Shanshan, went to visit SMG, where they learned about the history of its main Dragon TV operation and its latest achievements in technological innovation, new high-tech audio-visual formats, its smart media digital base and got to personally experience an AI interaction. Through this activity, the students learned about SMG's history and corporate culture, experienced its latest technology, and got a chance to fully experience how the power of science and technology is assisting in the media's development. Students said after the activity that they learned a lot.



Company Visit to TikTok

On November 2, the faculty and students from the International Dual Degree Program at the School of Journalism visited the offices of TikTok Group in New Jiangwan City area of Shanghai. In exploring the large office area, they learned about the many services provided by TikTok Group for employees, further deepening their understanding of the company's culture. Students also engaged in a question-and-answer session with TikTok Group employees, giving them a chance for a deeper discussion of the company's history, culture, organizational structure, and daily work habits. Finally, the students had a meal at the TikTok cafeteria, capping their immersive experience of daily life at the company.


Media Visit to Bloomberg Shanghai Bureau

On November 27th, international students from the School of Journalism and double-degree teachers and students visited Bloomberg News' Shanghai bureau in the Pudong district. Mr. Lee Miller, a senior editor at Bloomberg News, gave a lecture on big data, artificial intelligence, and financial news. In addition to hearing lectures, students also visited the bureau's office area, enriching their experience. The visit provided students from Fudan University School of Journalism with an opportunity to learn more about financial news, big data, and artificial intelligence, and also updated them on the latest developments and innovation at Bloomberg News.