Fudan - Salzburg Student Exchange Program


The School of Journalism of Fudan University and the Universität Salzburg in Austria have jointly held a postgraduate exchange program since September 2007. The project aims to provide students from both sides with an opportunity to learn and communicate in a cross-cultural environment, better understand the general situation of the media industry in the other country, and the latest media theory trends, broaden students' horizons, and improve their employment competitiveness.

1. Exchange capacity: 6 students per academic year

2. Tuition: Spring semester (generally from the middle and late February to the end of June)

   For more details: http://mcm.sbg.ac.at/


 Tel: +86 (0)21 55664686

   Email: sojinternational@fudan.edu.cn

   Address: International Exchange Office, School of Journalism, Fudan University, No. 400 Guoding Road, Shanghai.