Fudan - Cologne School of Journalism Study Tour Program


The program was established in 2015 through a collaboration between the School of Journalism at Fudan University, the School of Journalism and Communication at Shanghai University, and the Cologne School of Journalism in Germany. Its aim is to enrich students' international education and enhance the exchange and cooperation between journalism and communication talents in China and Germany. Through a study tour program lasting around 15 days, students have the opportunity to experience firsthand Germany's media industry and the current status of journalism education in the country. They deepen their understanding of Germany and the political and economic situation in Europe, while also engaging with German society and cultural atmosphere. The visitation program takes place annually during the autumn semester, primarily in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. The activities typically include lectures and seminars at the Cologne University School of Journalism, meetings with experts from academia and industry, company visits, sightseeing tours, cultural activities, and collaborative events with German students.

1. Exchange Capacity: 7 students per academic year.

2. Tuition: The visitation program covers tuition, transportation, and accommodation expenses in Germany. Students are responsible for international travel, visa fees, and other miscellaneous costs.

3. Application procedures and timeline: The program is held during the autumn semester each year and lasts for approximately 15 days.