Center for Communication and State Governance Research


The Center for Communication and State Governance Research (CCSGR) was established in 2012, and is the first and only research institution in China that focuses on communication and state governance. CCSGR integrates seven major disciplinary teams, including journalism and communication, economics, politics, computer science, sociology, law and philosophy, with 16 Fudan researchers and over 10 researchers from other universities.

CCSGR takes cyberspace as a starting point and conducts long-term research in four directions: Social Mentality in Cybersociety, Internet Governance, Internet Security, and Domestic and International Public Opinion. It has achieved a series of landmark results in those areas. Over the past decade, the center has published 5 volumes of research on communication and state governance, 2 volumes of research on social mentality in cybersociety, 4 volumes of textbooks on the internet and new media, and over 200 journal articles. CCSGR provides comprehensive, strategic, and forward-looking advisory services for the state on global governance, major institutional reforms, and policy operations, making it an important national think-tank.


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Wechat official account: 复旦大学传播与国家治理研究中心