Institute for Global Communication and Integrated Media, Fudan University


Using concepts of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and innovative development, the Institute for Global Communication and Integrated Media at Fudan University provides research and instruction on global communication and intelligent communication as a strategy, explores major theoretical and cutting-edge issues in international communication, the new media technology revolution, and socialization of new media technology. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and team integration to promote high-level and cutting-edge research. The institute aims to build a National Think-Tank on Intelligent Communication Research, and a Global Communication Research Platform, and explore new frontiers for cutting-edge research in journalism and communication studies. 

The institute's main research themes include: Integrated Media Theory and Technological Socialization, Global Communication, Computing and Intelligent Communication, Media Convergence and Modern Communication Systems. 

The institute's team includes Prof. Zhang Taofu as dean, Profs. Zhou Baohua, and Zhang Zhi'an as vice deans, and Prof. Dai Qionghai from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Tsinghua University as chief scientist. The institute has an advisory committee and more than 20 full-time and part-time researchers.